Flexible Working

Blog Post: Flexible

Since day one, it has been a hugely positive experience to join Spokes Education. Within a short time, we formed exciting new partnerships, took on interesting and creative projects, and we moved into a new office. There are lots of benefits to being an employee here, from career progression opportunities to regular well-being checks. For the purpose of this blog, I wanted to focus on something that’s quite a rarity in my experience, the opportunity to work flexibly in my role.

Lots of us have fallen victim to the constraints of the 9-5 ‘daily grind’ in the past, and all too often it becomes an inescapable normality for us. You’ve heard that saying: ‘the little things mean the most’, but most of the time, we’re forced to miss out on the ‘little things’ – because going to watch the children in their Christmas production couldn’t possibly be conducive to a productive work environment. I feel lucky to be able to say that this isn’t the case at Spokes.

Working here, I benefit from a flexible, considerate and positive working environment where I feel valued, included and understood. In the office, we have an open line of communication regarding productivity and flexibility. If I feel that I could be more productive working from home on occasion, there’s no problem with that.

Additionally, if there’s something in my personal life that I’m keen not to miss, we work around it wherever possible so I don’t have to miss out. Naturally, we discuss in advance how these flexibilities may or may not impact the business, and weigh up what can be done to ensure that the company and I are getting the best from each other.


To me, flexibility isn’t just about where I’m working from, it’s also about the variety of opportunities that are present within my role. I’ve had countless opportunities to learn new skills that go beyond the scope of my job description, which is a huge positive for me.

Beyond is an example of a business doing incredible things around workplace flexibility and positivity. So much, they’ve been named one of the top 100 companies to work for, it’s easy to see why. I found numerous similarities between their ethos and ours – it’s well worth a click on the link and could serve as a great conversation starter in your own workplace!