Social Business

We are always looking for opportunities to become even more socially responsible and we want our business to have a positive impact in as many ways as possible.

Employment and Training

Our ambition is to build a sustainable and successful business that is able to offer a range of employment and development opportunities.  We regularly provide internships, as well as offering all of our clients, personal development and training options.

Accessibility and Inclusion

We believe in making all of our learning materials as accessible and inclusive as possible. We have therefore created our own internal accessibility and inclusivity policy that we abide by (see our Accessibility and Inclusivity document).

Community Outreach

Our community outreach programme involves participating in a range of local initiatives, attending events and offering free advice and discounts to local schools, businesses and charities. We have volunteered time to and support various organisations and schemes including: Learn Appeal, Inspiring the Future, Give an Hour and Digital Northampton.


We are passionate about sustainability and are looking at a range of initiatives and opportunities to not only improve our own carbon footprint, but to support other organisations too. We have an environmental policy and ensure that we minimise paper, power and water usage. We also provide special discounts to not-for-profit organisations who are creating courses on topics such as sustainability and humanitarianism.