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Applying for Jobs

Applying for Jobs? Here’s some Advice!  We haven’t been able to present any school CV or career talks recently, so I thought I’d put together a short blog on my experience of receiving applications, and hopefully give you some tips on how to stand out if you are currently applying for jobs. I’ve reviewed a…

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Giving an Hour

As part of our social business plan, we volunteer through a range of schemes such as “Inspiring the Future” and “Give an Hour”. Through these, I’ve been to a number of local schools to help students prepare for the world of work. This has included conducting workshops, talks, mock interviews and mentoring sessions. The latest…

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Expansion and Moving

“There is a powerful driving force inside every human being that, once unleashed, can make any vision, dream, or desire a reality.”  Anthony Robbins A lot has been going on here at Spokes Education over the last few months, with a number of new, friendly faces joining us and relocating to a new office to…

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Time2Grow – Time2Intern

Recently we decided to take an intern on through the University of Northampton Time2Grow programme. As well as providing a wide range of opportunities for recent graduates, it’s a great scheme for small companies like us as the cost of the intern is subsidised by 60%! We were lucky enough to find Emmanuel who has…

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Mental Health Awareness Week 2019

Recently at Spokes Education we’ve been working in partnership with some inspiring organisations to develop a range of thought-provoking courses around workplace resilience and well-being. With World Mental Health Awareness Week in full swing, I decided to take some time to consider what helps me to achieve a good level of well-being (physically and mentally,…

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A laptop placed on a desk.

Desire, Fear and E-Learning

Desire and fear drive every decision we make in life. Desire is evident from early in life. The decision to climb a tree was easy for me as a child. The desires to conquer new challenges and impress friends were high. There was no fear to make me hesitate. Skip ahead a few years and…

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People working using a laptop.

Starting (and continuing) the flexible working conversation

If you’re reading this, you may already know that Spokes Education has recently undergone quite a few significant changes. That’s everything from re-branding, to expanding and taking on a Learning Technologist (me!). Since day one it’s been a hugely positive experience becoming part of the business. In a short time, I’ve seen some exciting new…

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Person on a hill looking at clouds

Personalisation In Blended Learning

Part 2: Artificial contact In the next instalments of this series on blended learning, Dr. Mark Spokes explores the most essential elements of personalisation in education and blended learning. There are precarious false paths that must be avoided in the pursuit of this “holy grail” of learning. In particular the propensity to favour technological advances…

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Boy studying with book and pen.

Making learning and education accessible to everyone

“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.” – Oscar Wilde There’s no denying it, life is busy! Many of us have hectic schedules and heavy workloads. Nonetheless, most of us can relate to that feeling of wanting to ‘give something back’. The prospect of volunteering seems like an impossibility sometimes.…

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Spokes Education branding

The story of our re-brand. What makes a brand?

Although we consider ourselves an “Educational” and online learning company first and foremost, we also wanted to show that we can make things look great too – so recently decided that a re-brand was in order. As Mark is not only a super smart academic, but an excellent graphic designer (no hint of jealousy, honest),…

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